Each Rotary club contains a wide cross-section of members from various professional backgrounds, who use their collective talents for the good of the community.  Alan Bradley, a member of the Northallerton Rotary Club, recently gave the Club a summary of his sporting life.  In his early years in Pontefract, his initial love at school was football, but he soon realised that rugby and cricket were his real future.  He played for both Castleford and Pontefract rugby clubs and became a regular top scorer of tries, including against a much superior Bradford team whom Pontefract beat 6-3.  On moving to Northallerton in 1974 to become Group Engineer for Yorkshire Highways and Motorways, Alan joined the Northallerton rugby 1st XV.  He soon realised his talent for training and coaching, not only for rugby players but also for junior cricketers, many of whom benefitted from his expertise over 25 years.  For 38 years he has been the Fixtures Secretary for Northallerton, arranging all matches and match officials each week.  He was made an Associate member of the English Cricket Board, and played cricket for Bedale into the 1980s.  In the last 30 years he has been a golfer at Bedale, and has organised annual competitions for friends and colleagues.  Alan is a man who has devoted his life to sharing his love of sport, and on joining the Northallerton Rotary Club in 1996 he has extended his service to the community even further.